My artistic work and research activities focus on collective
and individual responsibility, environmental issues, cooperative
processes and the relationship between power and the individual.

In my artistic endeavours, I use my skills with the greatest
degree of freedom possible. My objective is to think in the most
complex way possible to incorporate everything I have ever learnt.

I have a university degree in electrical engineering, and in my artwork
I put engineering construction methodology into practice by incorporating
questions on presence, sensitivity to the environment and social issues.

My life is a self-experimentation, a sort of surfing between genres
and professions. What intrigues me is crossing borders, expanding
my knowledge and using it to bridge various professions and genres.

Openness is what guides me in my work. I like to explore new things,
immerse myself in them and moulding them into art pieces.

I believe openness (to each other, history and the world) is an important
value that offers hope of making the world a better place - for it can be
much better than the one which fate has bestowed upon us.